Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Kosher Easter Treats

Discovered today by my beautiful and talented wife (who likes to read over my shoulder) when perusing the Oriental Trading catalog, and then re-discovered online. Note the small print at the bottom. Do they really think there's a big market for chocolate, foil cross wrapped, KOSHER eggs?

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(1) SO? There's also kosher shrimp sauce. Eat these eggs, but don't plan to glue velcro to them, attach them to your shirt, and wear them to a Jewish prayer service. At THAT point, the crosses would be a problem.

(2) Are they really kosher? The word "kosher" is not controlled on food products. There needs to be a Rabbi's name, or one of the dozens of symbols indicating that some group is supervising the food to ensure it is kosher. I can't tell from the tiny picture, please tell us if there is a kosher symbol on the packages, and if so, which one. Thanks!

(3) Mormons Jewish? Not. (I hope they enjoy drinking the wine on Friday night.)

- The Precision Blogger

Scott said...


I haven't ordered them, so I don't have access to any better information. The photo on the web is the same as the photo in the catalog.

Kosher shrimp sauce? Now that's a product looking for a market.

Hi said...

I'd assume because the factory their made in is certified kosher and they make other things?

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, my wife had a jewish boy in her 3rd grade class. He and his brother were the only jews in the entire school and their family did keep Kosher. The children always brought treats for every holiday and Easter was no exception. My wife, being the caring person she is, was concerned about this young man feeling left. I laughed at her when she told me she was going to the store to look for Kosher Easter candy but, undaunted, she set out just the same. Imagine my suprise when she came home with Hershey's chocolate eggs and triumphantly showed me the Kosher U symbol on the bag!

A week later the boy's father, a Rabbi, sent my wife a note thanking her for her gesture. Several years later, we were invited to - and attended the boy's Bar Mitzva.

To this day, we still scan the packages of Easter candy for the Kosher symbol for fun.

Scott said...


Thanks for the story. Very interesting and heartwarming.


Anonymous said...

Mormons are not Jewish. We aren't kosher either. We do not drink alcohol, coffee, or smoke. We also try to eat healthy.

Anonymous said...

Of course there's a market for Kosher easter eggs! We Jews buy them by the bucket every year, on the Tuesday after Easter!

We do the same thing with candy canes on December 26 and candy in general on November 1. We're not cheap; just practical. :)

- Isaiah

PS: Okay, so it's probably because they're made in a factory that also produces secular chocolates. But still.

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