Friday, February 25, 2005

Vonage is About to Lose a Customer: Part 2

As mentioned earlier, my Vonage box succumbed to a lightning storm last week. Not their fault. However, the severly lacking customer service is definitely their fault.

I decided to pay extra to have the box shipped overnight so that I'd have it in hand by the weekend. Well, it's Friday night and no box. So, I went to the Vonage website and - how nice - they provide a UPS tracking number to find out where the box is. Except that the number that they gave me is not registered by UPS. Not cool.

So, not wanting to wait another 45 minutes on the phone or go through another phone maze ("Try re-booting your ATA." I don't have an ATA you mindless machine from hell!), I sent an email. And quickly got a response telling me to ... re-boot my ATA. And if that doesn't work, please reply to this email so that we can put you in the system.

Unacceptable. Vonage, you force people to wade through a morass of a website to get to a form to send an email and then require us to reply to the email before we even get in the queue?

I disagree that the only way to differentiate among VoIP providers is through marketing. I think that customer service is going to be a big differentiator as well. And Vonage is dropping the ball.

Big time.

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