Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Wireless Improves the Concert Experience

This story from the Guardian is interesting in that it combines two of my particular passions - performance and technology. The basic idea is that an orchestra concert-goer can get little bits of information on the music being played, which will enhance the performace.

The Concert Commentary (CoCo), is expected to make classical music accessible to everyone.

"Stravinsky's virtuosic orchestration reaches a climax in this passage, where the illusion of WHOOSHES! is created by passing lines quickly from instrument to instrument."

Great idea. Why limit it to classical music, though?

Britney's artistic encapsulation of the frustrations of youth are apparent in her use of empassioned groaning during this upcoming passage.

Metallica's frustrations with the proliferation of illegal copies of their music led them to build a musical wall around themselves, as can be experienced in this next soul-shattering drum solo by Lars.

Michael comments on the capacity of modern media to view all actions as prurient in this passage, during which he clutches and rubs his crotch to indicate celibacy and boyhood innocence.

But my creativity is lagging today due to actually having to work. Any other suggestions?

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