Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What's on CNN Japan?

Although I have spent some time watching Japanese game shows and subtitled American movies on television, CNN-J is the primary source of English language noise in my little hotel room. So, now I know all about
  • The trials and tribulations of English, Spanish, and German football
  • Lebanon's protests and optimism (including fascinating statements from the opposition that they were encouraged by elections in Iraq)
  • The weather around Europe (blizzards seem less intimidating when delivered with a British accent)
  • Tony Blair
  • and of course - myriad inconsequential details about the Michael Jackson trial
It's actually jarring to surf over to the US news sites.

The commercials for English-speaking hotels, newspapers, and computers are fascinating. And for some reason, CNN-J now plays re-runs of The Daily Show in the afternoons. I'm never here to see it, but that's certainly an improvement over the interminable Larry King re-runs that used to be the staple of CNN-J.

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