Friday, March 04, 2005

Wilkinson Genealogy Database Update

Amazing the things you can get done during long meetings and much longer plane rides.

When the Wilkinsons Genealogical Database was originally built back in the 90s, there were over 30 different contributed databases from other researchers. The database eventually got too big for my primary server and was moved to another server that went out of business a year or two ago. So, I started over with a different format - only the relevant names and ancestors are on-line and the GEDCOMs with the complete detail are available for download.

Rather than immediately put the old information back up, I tried to contact the contributors. Not a one still has a valid email address. So, I'm slowly going through each contribution, cleaning out living references, putting in a pointer to the contributor name, and merging it on-line.

I've completed two so far. About 30 more to go. Head over the main database page to watch how it all comes out.

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