Thursday, April 14, 2005

Farewell to Supercomm

The USTA has put the final nail in the Supercomm coffin by announcing TelecomNEXT - a combination of their part of Supercomm and the Telecomm shows - in competition with the TIA's Globecomm. It's the end of an era. Remember
  • the glorious and sweaty nights of Supercomm in New Orleans,
  • the crushing tedium of the fifth year in a row in Atlanta,
  • the excitement of Supercomm in 1999 and 2000,
  • the depression of Supercomm in 2003,
  • the parties and entertainment (what goes on at Supercomm stays at Supercomm),
  • and the occasional actual business transacted with a potential customer?
I suppose the only question now is, can the industry really support two mega-shows within a few months of each other? There's barely enough business to support one (see this year's NFOEC/OFC combo). I predict that consolidation's going to hit yet another segment of the telecomm market - the all-important trade-show segment - in the next year or so.

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