Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Destroy all Comment Spammers

I had to completely recover the Wilkinsons Genealogy Requests page this week due to the unwelcome scourge of comment spammers.

That page allows Wilkinson genealogy researchers to post their own requests for information (so that I don't have to), and it's been quite popular for several years. Only occasionally do I run across an inappropriate post, and most are along the lines of "look at me, my name is on the internet". There was a spate of posts last year from someone selling financial products or something, but those were realatively harmless (albeit annoying) and easily purged.

However, when I checked the page earlier this week, only one or two posts were displayed, then nothing. The page just ended. I've run into that problem with other automatic scripts when the page gets too massive, so I figured I'd just break up the page into bit-sized pieces and everything would be ok.

However, when I got into the html code, I discovered that the real problem was that some mouth-breathing, inbred, brain-deficient, foul-smelling, bug-eyed, cretin of a comment spammer (redundant, yes, I know) had copied some html code into their post and broken the page. This low-life, mange-ridden, horse-faced, ignoramous had actually coped the entire code from a web page - including all of the headers - into their post.

Anyway, the page is up and running again. While editing, I took the time to remove a few of the other "Hi Dude" messages and went ahead and broke the page up a little. I hope you all enjoy the new pages.

Wilkinsons Genealogy Requests Page
Wilkinsons Genealogy Requests Archive

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