Sunday, July 10, 2005

Joining the TiVolution

I finally got my first TiVo. I've been holding out in the interest of saving money. I liked the features of the real TiVo box, but I was tempted by the Comcast offer of not purchasing hardware and simple integration with cable.

But this month TiVo has a special where the hardware is free if you sign up for a year (or more) of service. I couldn't pass it up. Sure it's a small version of the hardware (40 hours, which actually equals around 10 hours at a usable quality level), but it's a good way to get started on addicting the rest of the family.

How did modern man live before TiVo? Within a week, I suspect that I won't be watching broadcast television any more. It'll be time-shifted TiVo recordings, DVDs from NetFlix, and pay-per-view kids freebies on the cable box.

More to come as TiVo is fully integrated into the family.

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