Thursday, July 21, 2005

Telecom Executive Found

It was better than we had dared hoped. The missing telecom executive has been found, alive if not exactly well.

Details are sketchy, but here's what we know.

"Curt" has a bad back. He'd delayed his trip out here for a day to see a doctor about it. Apparently he got an all-clear to travel.

On the way to his car yesterday morning, Curt's back went out again. He was standing in the parking lot, unable to move when a shuttle-bus driver found him. The driver managed to get him into the bus and took him to a local clinic.

At the clinic, Curt was drugged up to treat his back and was unable to contact anyone or answer his phone. Late last night, he finally called someone.

Everyone is breathing huge sighs of relief. Curt will, I'm sure, be embarrassed by all of this - so I'm not going to mention his real name. It'll be a great party story ... in a few weeks when the initial shock has fully dissipated.

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