Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Panic on the Streets of Georgia

Gas price paid on Monday: $2.49
Gas price at same retailer on Wednesday morning: $2.69
Gas price at same retailer on Wednesday evening: $2.99, with a line running through the station and onto the street. The retailer across the street was closed - no more gas to sell.

People in the office leaving at lunch to wait in line for gasoline.
Every gas station for miles with a line around the block.

It's irrational, but somehow terrifying. The mob rules.

[Update: 9/1] Today's price: $3.49 ... if you can find it.

It's getting bad. This guy passed me on the highway today.

[Update 2: 9/1] How bad is it? According to GeorgiaGasPrices.Com, as of yesterday gas in Atlanta was as expensive as gas in California! And it's been rising since then. Pretty soon there won't be anything left for us in Georgia to use to scoff at Californians. (Well, there will always be Berkeley, I suppose.)

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