Monday, September 12, 2005

CNN-J Hits Bottom

When traveling in Japan, CNN-Japan is a welcome port in the storm, a source of news from the US, a way to hear the English language, a comforting piece of home. However, CNN-J for some reason believes that the one thing that the world needs to see every night is Larry King's little talk show.

On a good night, the Larry King show is news neutral - perhaps a fluff interview with someone in the government or an author or newsmaker that could actually impact your life. On a bad night, it's an hour of interviews with a teacher who married her student. This week, however, represents a new low, as we Asian travelers have been subjected to the Larry King interview with Pamela Anderson.

You turn on the TV expecting to catch up a bit on world and US events, and instead you find yourself confronted with a program that actually SUCKS THE NEWS OUT OF THE ROOM. It's a net negative news show, that noticeably makes the viewer less intelligent every minute that he watches.

Personally, I turned on the computer, read articles off of the internet, and set the TV to a Japanese broadcast of Sumo wresting instead.

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