Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hitachi Joins the MoCA Alliance

Look for the press release later today. We're the first Associate Members.

The MoCA alliance is a group working to make it simpler to run data over the coax lines in your home. The hope is to eventually turn your in-house coax network into a LAN so that you can run data from the TV to the computer and between computers without resorting to leaky and slow wireless or running new wires everywhere.

This is an especially interesting thing for us here at Hitachi, as we're big proponents of Fiber to the Home (FTTH). FTTH allows your network provider to put an ONT (Optical Network Device) on the side of your home that's connected via a single fiber to the wider network. This one device can deliver television, multiple phone lines and eventually up to 1Gbps of data directly to your home. A big problem has always been how to get all of that good stuff into your home without drilling extra holes and running wires in your walls. That's where the MoCA technology comes in.

With MoCA, we should be able to connect a single coax port on the ONT to your existing coax drop outside of your house. That single port would carry all of the data and video signals throughout your house. No new wires, no need to go inside and set up a wireless network, no muss, no fuss.

It's all still a ways away from reality, and not every service provider has bought into the idea (some still prefer plain old CAT5 cable, some prefer xDSL or HPNA over the phone lines, some like wireless). Still, a nice idea and one that Hitachi's exicted to get involved with.

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