Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hitachi Pitches In

Sometimes it's nice to work for a large company that cares about the community - even if it's not the community where it started out.

A plug for Hitachi. Good job.

Dear Colleagues:

The news of added support from Hitachi, Ltd. Tokyo to aid in the Hurricane relief effort is very encouraging and reinforces the effort of so many North American Hitachi companies and employees. Some have asked for more details regarding Hitachi, Ltd's pledge. In essence, Hitachi has responded to the generosity of our North American group companies by committing to make up the difference between what our group companies contribute and $1 million. So for example, if the total contribution from North American companies and the Foundation amount to $500,000, Hitachi, Ltd. will contribute the remaining $500,000 to equal a total combined contribution of $1 million. Hitachi's intention is to supplement the North American effort and to demonstrate that in times of need, this global company really pulls together. So, please continue to respond to our initial letter encouraging our North American companies to join in the relief effort. Once we have a total from our side, Hitachi, Ltd. will add their support. Please note that any contributions made directly by employees will be in addition to the total corporate contribution. As a result, our total effort will be more than $1 million once we count individual employee donations.


Thanks again to everyone for all that you do in the face of crisis and

Warm regards,

Barbara Dyer
President & CEO
The Hitachi Foundation

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