Monday, September 26, 2005

Introducing (at) the FTTHC Conference and Expo

Once again, Hitachi is a major ("Terabit") sponsor of the Fiber the the Home Council's annual conference and exposition. Which means that a few of you will get to see me out and about in public again.

This year I will have the honor of introducing the keynote speaker on the first day, Curtis Anderson, Acting Administrator of the Rural Utilities Service. As I'm sure you're aware, the RUS makes funds available for rural communities and municipalities to provide basic telecommunications services, including broadband. The keynote should be interesting, as this is a perspective of significant value to many of our customers.

I'll try to keep the required vendor-speak to a minimum. Just a few words about how long Hitachi's been in the business (since the 1980s), how successful we've been (over 800,000 B-PON ONTs deployed), and a mention of our hot new announcements at the show (not telling until the show).

See you in Las Vegas. Be sure to stop by the Hitachi booth to say hello.

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