Saturday, December 31, 2005

No More Kumquats

Over the holidays, I received a missive from the monolith that automatically generates ... let's call them kumquats ... on this blog and most other websites. It appears that I had inadvertently broken a part of their agreement by drawing attention to the fact that kumquats exist on this site.

How was this attention drawn? With nearly illegible randomly appearing text in the upper right that every once in a while said something to the effect of "Only attractive people click on kumquats." Hard to believe that incited anyone to do any extra clicking, as evinced by the total of 6 (six) clicks for an earnings of $3.17 in the month of December off of the entirety of this blog. (For comparison, this is approximately equivalent to 0.0075 shares of stock in the kumquat distributor.)

In any case, all reference to kumquats has been removed from the site. Please do not feel any pressure to utilize the kumquats. This is not to be viewed as an endorsement of any particular kumquat that may or may not appear on this blog. No kumquats were harmed in the creation of this website. Long live the mighty kumquat.

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