Thursday, April 27, 2006

Inter(nal)view: Dinner with the XGF

So, I understand that you had dinner with your High School girlfriend this week?

Yes, I did. In Georgetown while I was visiting Reston, Virginia to speak at a trade show. I caught a cab into town and met her at a seafood restaurant.

How long had it been since you’d seen her?

About 20 years.

Wow. That’s a long time. Did you have anything to talk about?

Sure. Reminiscing. This and that.

Can you be more specific?

No, not in a public forum. Honestly, it’s none of your business.

OK, fair enough. But for those of us who may find ourselves in this type of situation in the future, do you have any advice to offer?

Well, maybe one thing. If you find yourself in such a situation, and the other party at some point says, “You were the first person that I ever fell in love with”, the correct response is an immediate “Me too” or some variation thereof.

The absolutely wrong response is “Wow… Really?”

Thanks for that advice. Truly something to keep in mind. Thank you for your time today.

My pleasure.

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