Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Speaking at the Fiber to the Home pre-Conference Workshop

I will be speaking at the Lightwave-sponsored pre-conference workshop at the Fiber to the Home Conference and Expo in Las Vegas next week. The workshop is "The Market Dynamics of FTTX and Video Service Provisioning". Trust me, it's more exciting than it sounds. For people in my industry, this is a very cool topic.

The title of the panel that I will be participating in is "EPON vs. GPON vs. Active -- Which is Best for Video?" Here's a link to a PDF agenda. It has the wrong title for me, but otherwise appears accurate.

The format will be a debate between GPON, EPON, and Active Ethernet as a video-delivery medium. The obvious answer is of course GPON, but we'll go through the motions anyway.

Feel free to stop by the Hitachi booth at the Expo, as I imagine I'll be there quite a lot during the show.

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