Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well-conditioned for NXTComm

It's the first day of NXTComm here in Chicago, and I have interviews scheduled all day long. Seriously, I'll be talking to someone different nearly every half hour. The first one is going to be videotaped, played on show TV and archived on the web.

Thanks to travel restrictions, I no longer bring shampoo with me. I rely on the little shampoos in the hotels. Sure, it can be dicey, but the Mariott properties have generally good quality stuff and I have a generally small amount of hair to screw up anyway.

So this morning I get up early to prepare, step into the shower, and reach down to discover ... two bottles of conditioner and none of shampoo. Hmmmm. I don't think conditioner cleans very well.

For some reason, I recalled an Andy Rooney bit about how he never uses shampoo - he just rubs soap on his head a few times a week. I think I remembered that bit because it was the first time that I realized that Andy wasn't necessarily wise and knowledgeable in all areas equally.

However, his advice did come in useful this time. And I followed with two bottles of conditioner.

If you happen to run into me at NXTComm and/or watch my interview from this morning, please excuse my well-conditioned appearance.

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