Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome to

Thanks to Blogger dropping support for ftp, I've spent more time than I'd have liked over the last two weeks moving to a custom domain ( I won't bore my reader(s) with the details of name server problems and tech support issues that kept me awake worrying for minutes each night. It's done now.

Since the big move was already underway, I decided to migrate over to the "new" template at the same time. It's pretty close (see for a look at the old one), but there are some glitches.

Most notably, if you look at this blog with Internet Explorer, it dies. I don't know why. I don't especially care, but suppose I should. Any suggestions are appreciated. Meanwhile, if you're using IE, just let the page crash and read without the fancy scripts. You life will be a bit less rich, but still satisfying.

(From 34,000 feet over Arizona.)

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