Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Wilkinsons Message Board is active again

The Wilkinsons on the Web section of Wilkinsons.Com had, for a long time, a few dynamic pages where people could contribute links, information, and genealogical leads. That was several years and many ISPs ago, and those scripts stopped working at one point along the way. At that point, the site switched to a bulletin board system that was susequently hacked to pieces in a most disturbing way. For the last few years, there was no feedback system in place.

As of today, a new bulletin board system is in place, thanks to phpBB. It was relatively simple to set up and is supposedly more secure than the last version. Hopefully it will fulfill all of the site's users' needs. Please try it out, make a few posts, exercise the system, and let us know what you think.


Unknown said...

I AM Dixie Wilkinson, father Lyle Wilkinson, he
He was born in Nebraska, Arlington, he had four
Brothers. MY sister traced some to NC and one back to Irland. love to hear from Someone.

Mieliestronk said...

Looking for Patrick Wilkinson (born ca 1939 in old Rhodesia, I think) who lived with his mother in Port Alfred, South Africa, during the Second World War.
Or any descendants of Patrick.
Goethe (Ollie) Olwagen (born 1939)