Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Spambot

SPAM Classic, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6 )It is always exciting to get comments on one's blog. It is validation of one as a person whom others view nearly as interesting as one views oneself. In that light, your many comments on my blog today are certainly flattering.

However, might I suggest that you consider therapy for your obvious personality disorder. In just a few minutes you have referred to yourself as Arthur Hakes, Todd Johnson, Stephanie Parker, Jonathan Hood, Sheri Alba, and David Drayton. For me personally, the easy way in which you flow in and out of male and female persona is inspiring, but that's can't be easy on your loved ones.

Thank you also for your very flattering note, which you attached to various, apparently random posts on my blog (your varied interests in The Brothers Grimm, NFOEC, Tom Wolfe, and Cormac McCarthy are intriguing to say the least!). However, and I only mean this as constructive criticism, your posts showed very little variety and your mastery of English does not appear to improve via repetition. Perhaps you were merely trying to ensure that I saw your flowery prose by posting in multiple locations?

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In the future, there is no need to post multiple times. I am personally informed whenever anyone comments on any post on my blog. It happens so rarely that I have my computer set up to ring a bell and play a medley from Bachman Turner Overdrive each time it occurs. One comment will suffice.

Unfortunately, I am forced to remove your comments from the website at this time due to obscure local laws about character spacing., If you would like to re-submit your comments, please leave a home phone number and credit card authorization, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Best regards,
Your Humble Blogger


Scott said...

Pedro Baldwin! You're late to the game, but how could I resist adding that name to the list. The lost Mexican Baldwin brother!

Scott said...


Comment moderation is now enabled. Your last 20 messages have convinced me that you need some serious help. Perhaps administered by a 6 foot 2x4?