Monday, September 29, 2014

iOS 8 keyboard predicts song lyrics

Inspired by xkcd's comic today, I present iOS 8 keyboard predicts song lyrics.

The Elvis classic: You ain't nothing but a little more time.

The Doors are known for: Riders on the way.

The Ramones rocked: Rock and Roll High as the most beautiful girl.

Patsy Cline was: Crazy for being so mean.

The famous Talking Heads song: Sugar on my way home.

Prince tore us up with: When doves and I don't have a great way of saying that the government has a good time.

TLC inspired millions with: Don't go chasing the wrong person.

Nirvana cried: With the lights out, it's less of the day before I get a follow back.

Bob Dylan asked: How does it feel to be on your phone?

Barry Manilow told us the story of: The hottest spot north of London.

The Who described it all as: It's only teenage dirtbag.

Jimi Hendrix is known for saying: Excuse me while I kiss your face.

And, of course, The Beatles admonished: He wear no shoeshine, he got toe jam to be the first half of the day.

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