Saturday, October 15, 2022

Unanswered internet questions about travel in the Lauterbrunnen area

On our recent trip to the Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland area, we ran into a few questions that the internet was unable to answer (or provided inaccurate answers). So, in the hopes that some search engine eventually picks up this obscure blog post - and with the confidence that only comes from Americans who travel abroad occasionally - here are answers to those questions.

1. Should we take the Golden Pass railroad route if the weather is bad.

Yes. The weather was terrible the day we took the Golden Pass and it was still a beautiful ride. The clouds were hovering below the peaks, providing eerie views. The valleys were clear and still breathtaking. And there were very few other travelers, excepting the locals. And the alternative puts you in a tunnel for 30 minutes where there is no view. (We did not pay for the upgrade to the front car, so can't comment on that.)

2. Should we visit Grindlewald?


3. How do we get just regular water in the restaurants rather than paying for expensive bottled water?

Ask for "tap water". And it'll still cost you 1-5 Francs, but it's still a lot cheaper than the bottles. And tastes fine.

4. Can we get to the top of the Schilthorn with just a Swiss Travel Pass?

Not any more. The guides are wrong about this one. As of September 2022, there is an additional fee to get to the top. Which is a shame, because last time we visited we'd go up there for a meal in the rotating restaurant. It was hard to justify the cost of the buffet already - now it's impossible.

5. Seriously, I have a free day with nothing to do. Should I visit Grindlewald?

Unless you misspelled Gimmelwald in your question, then no. 

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