Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter - Homewrecker

[Names changed to make the story more interesting ... and to protect my butt.]

Hermione was very excited about the new Harry Potter book. Hermione's family pre-ordered the book and Hermione gleefully anticipated its release on Saturday. Early Saturday morning, the whole family trekked out to the local book-seller's establishment and picked up Hermione's copy of the book.

Hermione came home and barricaded herself in her room, nose buried in the book for two days. The rest of the family wondered where she was and asked about her occasionally, but eventually moved on without her. She would appear for meals, then make some excuse to disappear again and bury herself in Harry Potter's world.

Sunday night, Hermione stayed up all night finishing the book. Finally, around 11pm the book was finished and life returned to relative normalcy.

And now for the rest of the story. Hermione is not my daughter, she's my wife - a well-educated, erudite woman with interests that rarely turn towards fantasy. It is truly remarkable that all over the world, people from pre-teens to parents of toddlers are all reading the same novel.

In the final analysis I'm glad that she spent so much time finishing the book. Now I can start reading it.


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. My wife, let's call her Ginny, did the same thing. To make matters worse, she had to re-read book 5 to get a runup to book 6.

Scott said...

Yes, I understand. "Hermione" has fished the old books out of the attic and is currently re-reading them in pieces, convinced that there are clues in there to the series conclusion. We didn't have book 5 except on tape, so that one's on order.

I'm sure this will all die down in a few months - until the movie comes out in November and starts it all up again.

My condolences and good luck.