Saturday, January 14, 2006

Directions to Hitachi's Totsuka Facility from Yokohoma

For a more thorough printable PDF version complete with helpful diagrams and photographs, please click here.

Purchase a ticket from the ticket machines in the Yokohama station. The ticket from Yokohama to Totsuka is \210.

Put the ticket into the gate and pass through. Be sure to pick up your ticket again after passing through as you’ll need it to exit on the other side.

Go to platform 6, the Tokaido line. It has orange colored swatches on the signs. Typically, this will be the first set of stairs on your left after you pass through the ticket gates. Ascend the stairs.

The train that you want will arrive on the right side of the platform. It will have green and orange stripes on it. With very rare exceptions, every train that comes to this platform will stop at Totsuka, so you should be able to just take the next train that stops.

(As an aside, the blue striped train that comes on the left side of the platform will also get you to Totsuka, but it stops twice on the way. During high traffic hours, it’s better to wait for the orange and green train.)

The train ride to Totsuka will take a little over 10 minutes. On the Tokaido line, there are no stops between Yokohama and Totsuka, so Totsuka will be your next stop.

Exit the train, descend into the station, and pass through the ticket booths. You will have to insert your ticket to get through. The ticket will not be returned to you.

Look to your left to see the stairs that exit the station. Ascend the stairs and/or escalator and exit the station.

Look to your right after exiting. You should see the “Mr. Donut” shop on the corner. Turn left in front of Mr. Donut and start walking down the very long road lined with shops and crowded with pedestrians.

You will walk down this road for a long time, past McDonalds (on the right) KFC (on the left), toy stores, restaurants, and an elementary school. Be sure to bear left to continue past the “am/pm” convenience store (on the right).

At the end of the road, look to your right to see the entrance to Hitachi’s facility. There will be a guard standing there and, in the morning, lots of people going in.

You will have to show your Hitachi identification to get in or you will have to be escorted by a Hitachi employee. The main building (where meetings are held) is in front of you and to the left. Conference rooms are on the second floor.

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