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Directions to the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel from Narita Airport

For a more complete version of these directions in PDF printable format, complete with lots of helpful pictures, please click here.

Step 1: Getting on the Narita Express train

After exiting through customs, descend into the JR station. The entrance is to the right after exiting customs if you came into Terminal 2 (Delta comes in here). Go down the escalator.
At the bottom of the escalator, turn left and go through the glass doors into the main area of the station. On your right, on the corner with the main thoroughfare, is the Narita Express ticket counter.

Go to the ticket counter and purchase a ticket to Yokohama. Your ticket will have a reserved seat location. The first number is the car number, the second number is the row, and the third number is the seat (for example car 10, seat 7 C).

Your ticket will also have a time. The train will arrive at that time. Be there before the train arrives.

Go through the entrance (use your ticket). Don’t lose the ticket. You’ll need it later. Turn right and go through the pylons then down the escalator.

Wait for your train. It will arrive exactly on time. Make sure you look for the car number. Lower numbers platform left, higher to the right.

Step 2: Getting through Yokohama Station

Once on the train, find your assigned seats and settle it. It will be about 2 hours to Yokohama. There are two initial stops (Tokyo and Shinagawa) before Yokohama.
At Yokohama, get off of the train and descend the steps into the main Yokohama station. Use your Narita Express ticket to exit through the gates into the main area.

You will be on one of two sides of the station. Look for signs to the “West Exit”. If you are the main side of the station, you will see this immediately at the end of the station. If you are on the other side of the station, you will see signs that say “N. Passage West Exit” with an arrow.

If you are on the main side of the station, take the stairs up the West Exit. Walk straight forward out of the station through the crowds of people. In front of you and slightly to the right is the entrance to Diamond, the underground shopping area. Go to the next step for directions from here.

If you are on the other side of the station, you can either walk outside or inside.

To walk inside, turn left inside the station and go down the stairs towards the subway station area. Go past the entrance to the subway. At the next set of stairs, follow the sign pointing up to the West Exit. Climb the stairs. At the top of these stairs you will see the West Exit stairs to your right. These are the same ones referred to in the column to above in the “Main Side” directions. As described above, go up the stairs then straight ahead to leave the train station.

To walk outside, take the escalator up. Turn left and go into the little alleyway. Follow the alley to the end, then bear left into the large open area in front of the train station. In front of you on the right is the entrance to Diamond (the underground shopping area) referred to in the next section. Go to the next section for further directions.

Step 3: From Yokohama Main Station to the Hotel

You now have two choices. You can walk outside or underground to the hotel. Outside is simpler with fewer crowds and less chance of getting lost, but you have to carry luggage up a long set of stairs. Underground can be done with escalators and elevators the entire way, but is more crowded and a bit more complicated.

To walk above ground, bear left after exiting the station. You will enter an open pavilion area with taxis and a little police kiosk. Directly across the street, you will be able to see the hotel. To get there, climb the red stairs that cross the street. Go straight ahead and enter the hotel. You will be on the second floor – descend to the first floor lobby to check in.

To walk underground, take the stairs or escalator down into the Diamond shopping mall. (The escalators are to the right of the stairs.) Go straight down the main area of the mall (it’s a bit to your left if you took the escalators) Continue on past the KFC. At the end of the hall, bear left then right and cross outside from the shopping area into the basement of the hotel. Take the elevators (to your right) up to the first floor lobby to check in.

Enjoy your stay at the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel!

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