Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Collaborative Map of FTTP Deployments Worldwide

I have been collaborating with Benoit Felton, a Yankee Group analyst based in Paris, and others on a map of FTTP (fiber to the premises) sites worldwide. For now, I'm doing most of the U.S. sites as time permits. There are still quite a few to add, since the U.S. FTTP deployments tend to be local municipal or utility networks, with the notable exception of Verizon's successful FiOS service.

It’s pretty impressive, and is something to think about when your local telecommunications provider claims that you should be happy with your 1Mbps DSL connection.

Please feel free to embed this map or a link in your blogs or webpages. The pressure for FTTH deployment needs to be kept up, especially in the U.S., where our access networks are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Green pins are active deployments. Yellow pins are trials or early-stage deployments. Red pins are announced deployments planned for the future.

Click here to access the map directly, download embedding code, and view in a much larger window.

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