Thursday, February 17, 2005

Who are you and where did you come from?

I recently installed Site Meter on all of the pages in the Wilkinsons on the Web group. One of the neato-cool features is that it tells me where people came from to get to those pages. And if you came in from a web search, it tells me what you were searching for.

As expected, I suppose, most people are looking for someone named Wilkinson - probably themselves - in one of the major search engines. However, sometimes some odd results show up. Here's a few from the last couple of days.

Search for "Topless at the University of Oklahoma"
OK, I can understand why that results in the Famous Wilkinsons page. There's Bud Wilkinson (coach at the University of Oklahoma) and there's June Wilkinson (famous topless actress). By why oh why would a person searching that topic click on my link in the results?

Search for "Coat of Arms"
Tons of people are looking for this one. It's probably 50% of the referrers. The search itself isn't too odd, nor is the fact that the Wilkinson Coat of Arms site comes up in the results. What's odd is that anyone is still using HotBot to search.

Search for " which british member of parliament has won an olympic gold medal"
I looked through the results, and I can't tell if any ever have. I know my page didn't help.

Search for ""corduroy was invented in"
Oddly enough, the answer for this one is in the Hal Peterson letter. It was invented in Honley. Read the letter for details.

Search for ""famous criminals of the 70s"
Which goes to show why you should put quotes around your search phrases. On the Famous Wilkinsons page is a reference to a Wilkinson that worked to rehabilitate criminals plus a reference to a fictional Wilkinson on the TV program "That 70s Show". Probably not what the researcher was looking for.

Vanity Searches
Helen Wilkinson, Eva Wilkinson, Nichola Wilkinson, Caroline Wilkinson, Sarah Wilkinson, Robert Wilkinson, Bill Wilkinson, Jessica Wilkinson, Adam Wilkinson, Scott Wilkinson, Glenn Wilkinson, Nelda Wilkinson, Harold Wilkinson, John Wilkinson, Linda Wilkinson, Jason Wilkinson, Norman Wilkinson, Stan Wilkinson, Brad Wilkinson, Michelle Wilkinson, Mark Wilkinson, George Wilkinson, Harry Wilkinson, Delila Wilkinson, Kirk Wilkinson, Christopher Wilkinson, Edwin Wilkinson, Eliza Wilkinson, Jonathon [sic] Wilkinson, Ken Wilkinson, Gary Wilkinson, Louise Wilkinson, Benjamin Wilkinson, Glenn Wilkinson, Johnny Wilkinson, Phil Wilkinson (Australia), Jon Wilkinson, Bob Wilkinson (Cape Town), Randy Wilkinson, Michael Wilkinson, Signe Wilkinson, Bud Wilkinson, Brett Wilkinson, Stacy Christina Wilkinson, Joan Wilkinson, Ed Wilkinson, Karen Wilkinson, Linda Wilkinson (Nebraska), Jason Wilkinson, and more.

Search for ""
Surprisingly, this one shows up rather often. If you know the place you're going to, why search for it? The only reason I can think of is to find out who else is pointing to And why would anyone other than me care about that? It's a mystery.

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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify the British politician who won an Olympic gold medal - that would be Sebastian Coe, who won gold in Moscow 1980 in either the 800m or 1500m. Can't quite remember which. Incidentally, he's a Tory and I'd never vote for him...